Speech of Founder & President Trung Nguyen at the Pythaverse launching ceremony

Introduction and Speech by Pythaverse Founder and President, Trung Nguyenng. The event took place at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on March 26, 2023.


Trung Nguyen- Pythaverse

3/26/20232 min read

Introduction and Speech by Pythaverse Founder and President, Nguyen The Trung.

The event took place at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia on March 26, 2023.

"Hello everyone! Honorable Minister YB Chang, I am Trung, an information technology engineer. I apologize if I mispronounced your name. I appreciate UTM; it's a great university where I've been fascinated during the past few days. I also want to express gratitude for the support from the Vietnamese Embassy and especially from our partner Eduspec.

As a tech person, I'll keep it brief as I believe the Deputy Ambassador and Eduspec Chairman have shared interesting insights on education. With the mindset of a tech engineer, we see ourselves as hammers. Like hammers always searching for nails, we strive to solve problems, even those that may not exist, which is why we've spent years tackling challenges. However, with 15 years of STEM education with Eduspec, we realize we don't need to search worldwide for problems. The biggest challenge is helping the next generation, which is why educators and tech engineers from Southeast Asia have collaborated to develop this platform for the future generation.

At today's forum, we all agree on what could be more important than technology, more than STEM education. In fact, there are two things more crucial: digital transformation and technology application led by leadership. Some schools in the Philippines, under strong leadership like Father Gerard here, have been able to develop rapidly despite the Covid pandemic. That's why we're deeply moved by the support from YB Chang here for the Malaysian government's STEM innovation. And another thing more important than technology is humanity.

So, we combine technology to bring us closer. And as you'll see in this video, students, teachers, parents, schools, and all of us are coming together. Please watch the video.

Thank you. As you've seen in the video, there are many technologies being combined just to do one thing, and I hope you can see the image at the last second that's meant to convey the message "Let's create great things together." Yes, I've told you that technology always has issues, even in video playback. But we've tried and tried hard for 20 years or 15 years since I started working with Eduspec.

I want to express my appreciation for the leadership of Mr. EH, Mr. SS, and their team, as well as their dedication to education. And I've also learned from the Eduspec team; thank you to Mr. Yong, Ms. Ferlyn, Mrs. Oong, and William's team. They are the teachers who inspired our tech team to create this technology.

And I hope the Pythaverse platform, along with all the teachers and engineers in Southeast Asia, can create wonderful things together. Thank you very much!".

Source: Pythaverse Youtube